Sunday, March 13, 2016

Easy recyclable seed starter ideas

Spring is in the air…and with that comes the desire to want to watch things grow, as well as to perhaps try your hand at growing your own flowers or vegetables.
How can you do this and save money..and recycle all at the same time?
The answer is as close as your kitchen..for starters…
do your kids enjoy things like yogurt and apple sauce?
The plastic containers are terrific for using as seed starting equipment.
I have compiled a list of items that are easily found in your kitchen cupboards as well as other item you might already have on hand.
plastic yogurt containers
small apple sauce or fruit cup containers
baby food jars
egg cartons
egg shell halves
soup cans
jelly jars
butter containers
cottge cheese,ricotta or other plastic food tubs
old tea cups or bowls that can still hold soil even if they might have a chip on them
plastic sundae cups with lids from fast food places make cute self contained little growing containers..the lids help keep in humidity
plastic berry containers
cardboard boxes lined with plastic grocery bags
…….. this is just a start on the types of items that can be recycled and used to start your seed growing.Take a look around your kitchen and the rest of your house to see what types of things can be recycled and used to start your new garden.
Have fun and happy gardening!

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