Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ubio Grow Plant Food and a link to a giveaway for this organic plant food

I’ve been using this really neat product on my house plants for a little over a month now.
It is call Ubiogrow and is a liquid plant and soil helper. Chemical and pesticide free  and absolutely perfect for those looking for an organic alternative to growing plants.
I use the product mixed about 50/50 ratio in a spray bottle and spray the soil of my houseplants thoroughly with it about twice a week.
Spider plant has perked up to upright growth and has an additional 2-3 inch in growth.
I’ve gone from one start of a spider plant that looked absolutely wimpy and definitely in need of some help…to the plant totally perking up and greening up better and putting out an extra 3 inches in leaf growth.
I’ve also used the product on a few tiny succulent plants and have noticed that one of the plants in particular has greened out a lot more and has grown about 2 inches taller.
I’ve used it on a Christmas cactus that I’ve had for several years that never seemed to get any larger..since using theUbiogrow on the cactus it has set out new leaf growth and has expanded on the branches by about 2 inches all over the plant.
Christmas Cactus has an additional 1-2 inch growth on each branch. Has perked up considerably.
I’ve even used it on a  ”Lucky Bamboo” plant in a miniature planter… the plant has grown about an inch and a half since using the liquid on it, and I’ll most likely need to transplant it to a new planter soon.
Lucky Bamboo sporting an additional 1-2 inches growth.
I’ve used it on yet another plant that is similar to a african violet..this plant has set out new baby “plantlets” along part of its stem since using the Ubiogrow.
I can definitely attest to the fact that the product helps to perk up sickly houseplants and to bring them back into greening out properly and growing much better.
A little about Ubiogrow(from the Ubiogrow website):
Less than 1/4 teaspoon of good UBIOGROW has been shown to contain over a billion bacteria—most of which are beneficial to plant growth. This same quarter-teaspoon may also contain over 16 feet of active fungal strands. The beneficial bacteria in UBIOGROW are good for your plants because they out-compete most disease-causing organisms. They also decompose toxic materials and plant residues and help build soil structure, which improves the soil’s water-holding capacity. Fungi play a similar role in disease prevention, and they also retain nutrients, decompose plant material and build soil structure.
This little plant has grown an additional 1-2 inches since using Ubiogrow on it.
UBIOGROW contains tens of thousands of different species of bacteria and fungi as well as protozoa, nematodes and mycorrhizal fungi. Scientists still haven’t identified most of these species—they are just too numerous and too tiny to count. But new research is beginning to isolate task specific microbes that can be employed to break down oil spills, digest scrap wood, and control specific diseases such as botrytis, scab and mildew.
Not all of the bacteria and fungi you apply will be needed. But those that aren’t will “sleep,” staying in reserve until called upon by soil conditions or your plants. Ours is suspended indefinitely and cannot be separated even in a centrifuge and that is why we have the most unique product on the market, all other compost teas must be brewed and used within hours.
UBIOGROW will promote root uptake in any living plant and does not have any N,K,P added it all occurs naturally where as all plant food or fertilizer has N,K,P chemically add and the plant becomes reliant on the chemicals for its food. When used on plants in soil UBIOGROW will increase the health of the soil each and every time it is applied.
Ubiogrow can also be used in hydroponic systems:
For Hydroponics UBIOGROW provides your plants with essential minor elements (micronutrients) not provided by your hydroponics nutrient solution. UBIOGROW is a micronutrient product with a balanced formula of micronutrients that causes these elements to interact with one another. The ingredients in UBIOGROW are blended to act as one synergistic ingredient when activated to give your plants more of what they need to be their very best.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

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