Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing You all a lovely Thanksgiving! And thank you for being a visitor to this blog. I really appreciate you.
~The Victory Gardener~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Compilation Cd's Now Available at Small Town Living

Wanted to let you all know that we have revised the Small Town Living Compilation Cd's to encompass all issues of the magazine through to Aug/Sept. 2009! That means that you receive 18 issues of the magazine on a cd! Over 1,000 pages of information!
What a terrific gift for yourself, a friend, or family member!
Stop by the website at to order your copy now!

The Compilation CD Includes:

18 Issues of Small Town Living

Over 1022 Pages of Small Town Living Articles,
Stories and Photos.

Searchable Content - Find the stories and articles
you want in seconds.

Practical Advice on:
Small Business Guidance

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Late Fall- Early Winter Garden Chores

Spring/Summer garden season is pretty much behind us now,but that does not mean that we cannot be doing something in our yards or gardens that will be of benefit to them come next Spring when the gardening season again starts in full swing. So just what can be done in and for the garden during those dull,gray days of late Fall and when those cool days of December are nearly upon us?
Well this is the time to actually look around and access your garden and yard.
Are there any limbs that are dead or dying on any of your shrubs? Now is the time to remove them.
Don't just discard them against the can actually make a small pile of them against a fence to assist birds during the winter months to have a bit of shelter.After the snow and cold has passed, then of course feel free to discard them.
Have you had a lot of leaves fall from the trees in your yard this Fall? Rake them up and instead of bagging them up and putting them out on the curb, use those leaves to mulch your flower beds to keep your plants extra warm during the winter. The mulch of leaves will help protect tender roots and as the leaves decay they add nutrients to your soil. If you have an over abundance of leaves, add the extras to your compost pile.
Although a lot of the plants and flowers that we are used to seeing bloom during the Spring and summer have now gone dormant, we can still add a bit of color and fun to our yards during this time. How you might ask?
Well, late Fall and Winter time is a terrific time to start helping the birds in your backyard.
Set up bird feeders and keep them full. Provide a daily clean water source.
String popped popcorn onto the branches of the trees in your yard for a bit of festive decor. Totally "for the birds".
Slice orange pieces very thinly and string them onto string for the orioles.
Then don't stop there with enjoying your yard and garden and what it had to offer this year..check the shrubs and trees in your yard for any abandoned,left over nests from the Spring time. Place the nest into a paper bag and spray with a bit of bug spray and seal, Let set for a week then remove and decorate with fake birds and fake eggs if you'd like. Have a few branches that you've snipped from a few trees? Bring a handful of them in and arrange them in a clear glass vase..string them with a few bits of bead garland for flair or create a few tiny colorful tissue paper flowers and hot glue them to the branches.
Or attach small fake birds to the branches.
Have a few Fall leaves that you have gathered? Frame them in a picture frame.
Have fern leaves? You can use them as stencils by painting onto the leaves with green paint then lightly pressing them onto fabric. Use the fabric to create new toss pillows for your couch.
These are just a few ways that even though the garden may not be in bloom during the Fall and can still enjoy the beauty of nature.
Just a bit differently..and a bit "outside of the box".
Have fun decorating and enjoying nature and your garden year round.
~The Victory Gardener!~