Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids in the Garden

Want an alternative  to video games and tv for your kids? Want your kids to learn about the natural world and the importance of eating locally? Want them to experience a little dirt under their fingernails and to have a terrific time while doing so, and gain an education that will last them a lifetime?
“Kids In The Garden” by Elizabeth McCorquodale (Black Dog Publishing 2010) is just the book to help get you started. Within the pages of this book you and your children will share the joys of gardening together.
You’ll learn about the parts of a plant, about photosynthesis, pollination, germination, and fertilization,and seed dispersal, and even how to save seeds for next year’s garden.
Together you will learn about how to build a compost heap and what items are best to use in a compost pile.
You will even learn how to become a worm farmer.
You’ll also learn how to create such things as little homes for beneficial garden bugs such as ladybugs and lacewings.
How to plant seeds and to start new plants from cuttings.
Together you will learn how to plant and grow everything from beans, to carrots, to blueberries, peas, peppers, potatoes, raspberries,herbs,  and so much more.
Sprinkled throughout the book are very fun and interesting facts about plants and even funny jokes.
For instance : Did you know that the tallest tomato plant on record measured 28 feet tall? That is the same as seven ordinary sized ten year olds standing on each others shoulders.
Why did the corn get mad at the farmer? Answer: Because he kept pulling his ears!
You’ll find “Kids In The Garden” to be a fun book for both you and your children, and a book that can most definitely be utilized in a home education program as well.
You”ll find that there are an abundance of  lovely photos and illustrations throughout the book.
Delicious recipes  are featured in the back of the book as well, allowing you  to utilize all of that fresh produce from a garden that you and your children have created.
This is truly a fun book and one that will have your family enjoying working and playing together  in a manner that produces terrific results…Fresh, locally grown food from your own backyard!
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About the Author:
Elizabeth McCorquodale is a mother-of-three, a passionate gardener, and an irrepressible gardening writer. Her previous work includes “Growing Stuff An Alternative Guide To Gardening”, also published by Black Dog Publishing.