Saturday, March 27, 2010

Culinary Lavender

Today I had my first ever taste of culinary lavender. Wow! It was different, but it was yummy too. Some members of my family were not keen on it in the brownies we tried, but I do think I could get used to it...and I did like both the smell of the batter while it was being prepared, and the end result. I reviewed a batch of brownie mix from Little Sky Lavender Farm in Boulder Creek, California, and will be reviewing a batch of their cookie mix in a few days..a shortbread type cookie.
 While reviewing these products for the "Small Town Living" website it got me to thinking about the culinary lavender used in the mixes... L. angustifolia . I know that when I opened up the package of brownie mix I was in lavender heaven! The smell was wonderful! I am now on the look out for seeds for this variety of lavender because I want to grow some of it in my own yard, not necessarily just for the culinary benefits, but because I loved the scent of the lavender, and feel it would be fun to dabble with it for a little bit of cooking, but also for such things as sachets and displayed in vases and so forth. So the hunt is now on for some L. angustofolia that I hope to plant in my new yard soon.
~The Victory Gardener!~

(photo by flickr user Limbo Poet)