Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring!!

HELLO SPRING!!! Today it is "officially" Spring! ...Yippee!

Have been listing new items in the garden shop over at

Love hearing from folks that are planning their gardens, some are new gardeners, some are veteran gardeners, but the fact remains..all of them are excited that Spring is now officially here... as of today in fact!

It is so nice to get little notes like this one from a customer in Idaho:

"Thank you for posting seeds on etsy. We've recently formed a 12 family Victory Garden with a teacher farm. The folks there are leading/teaching their trade of farming on a 1/4 acre plot this season.I am ordering these seeds for my own raised bed gardens though, and will share your site with all."

It is letters like this that really make having the garden shop so very much fun for me! I really,really enjoy that aspect of it.
I did manage to get some green bean seeds planted in our 4 ft by 8 ft raised littlest children assisted me..and already our green bean crop has about 5 inch tall plants. Grant it the chickens did decide to feast upon some of the wee seedlings, and to scratch some of the bean seeds to the surface..the rascals!
But we do have at least half of what we planted coming up just fine, and undisturbed by the I think we'll see a decent crop from it.

We also have quite a number of strawberries showing up on the berry plants..but again..trying to keep the chickens from discovering them.
This time of year the amaryllis are starting to pop up in the pots they have been planted in and some have already begun blooming. So very pretty.
The days here have been delightfully sunny and breezy...yes, Spring is here!
I will be back to posting some gardening tips very soon.
You see we are currently in the "wrapping things up phase" on trying to get our home ready to be placed on the market. We wound up being several months behind on the deadline I had wanted to have things completed by..but now things are moving again full steam ahead..and life has gotten a wee bit hectic to say the least.
I do have some topics I will be covering and very please do not give up on me.
In the meantime do stop by the seed shop and check out the varieties of seed available there. I will be adding some more lettuce varieties and bean varieties soon..but already there is a nice selection posted. So..if you have not yet selected seed for your garden, I invite you to stop by. The seeds offered are all heirloom varieties.
Hoping you are enjoying some marvelous weather in your area and making plans for your gardens.
Have a wonderful weekend.
~Happy Gardening!
~The Victory Gardener~

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