Friday, December 12, 2008

Creating A Bentwood Trellis

So you have the soil ph balance checked..
the compost pile going...
and you are ready to get planting.
Let's say that you are wanting to plant an heirloom climbing rose..or perhaps a flowering vine such as jasmine..
or maybe start that crop of pole beans...

Do you run out and buy one of those fancy smancy metal arbours that can cost anywhere from one hundred dollars and up..

you could..but..what about a "do it yourself" option that will blend into the natural surroundings but also add a bit of nostalgia and good old farmstead ingenuity to your yard...

plus you can tell your friends and family.."I made it myself"

This video will show you how to get started on creating your own trellisses.Once you see how easy it can go on to create different shapes and structures.

Have Fun!

~Happy Gardening!~

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